Single Screen Video Works

Between Something and Nothing


Somewhere Between Something and Nothing Rhythmic Visual music constructed from audio visual fragments created with analog technologies.

3 Way Flicker

P3 Way Flicker

3 Way Flicker uses the juxtaposition of three elementary components to create an audio visual work which contains additional rhythmic and harmonic complexities.

Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink is visual music comprised of elements created using analog technologies, where both audio and visual components were generated simultaneously.

Thin Red Line

Thin Red Line uses split screen to juxtapose four simplistic audio visual elements which build to a new rhythmic and harmonic complexity.

Red Green Totem

Red Green Totem Using 70’s analog technologies, simple tones, buzzes and glitches were transformed into visual representations and digitally re-sequenced to create a new audio visual composition.

Phasing Waves

Phasing Waves Recorded live in the experimental TV Studio New York, using 80’s technology, simple tones, buzzes and glitches are transformed into visual representations via voltage controlled video synthesis

Why Do You Have a Beard?

Why Do You Have a Beard?
Inspired by an airport security question, this short film presents the rich ethnic diversity of humanity as animated faces morph from one culture to the next.

Follow Your Skin

Follow Your Skin is visual music composed live in the Experimental TV Center New York.
A terrestrial TV signal is mapped into patterns created by a Voltage Controlled Oscillator.

A Diamond Forms Under Pressure

An improvised electronic soundtrack drives proprietary software which analyses the frequency content.
Frequencies push and pull against each other stabilising or agitating the central image.

Chasing Waves

Visual music composed in real-time using voltage controlled video synthesis.

The sound creates the image, what you hear is what you see.

Call to Prayer

Call to Prayer 4'27" extract from 40min Live A/V performance with Max Hattler at Videomedeja Dec 2010

Sound : Ocusonic / Vision : Max Hattler

Noodle Soup

Noodle Soup. 4'41" extract from 40min Live A/V performance with Max Hattler at Videomedeja Dec 2010

Sound : Ocusonic / Vision : Max Hattler

Above the Thunderclouds

Animated Visual music inspired by a long standing love for satellite imagery and hubble photographs


Visual music animation in which each musical part has a corresponding geometric shape.

20 Million Miles

real-time audio reactive visual music, set to an imagined sound-scape broadcast in deep space.

Water Wind and Waves

Water Wind and Wires. Video shot in Ibiza, and edited to an electronica track made with field recordings recorded on the island.

Let Christy Take It

My Left Foot beat synched to a track by Sunil Sharpe