Chasing Waves Installation

Chasing Waves Installation : utilises analog recordings made in the Experimental TV Studio New York.
Using 70's technology, simple tones, buzzes and glitches were made visual via voltage controlled video synthesis. This technique directly converts the frequencies of the audio signal into a visual form by manipulating the scan line rate of an analog television signal.

The recordings were then made three dimensional by projecting them onto 10 surfaces of 4 rectilinear forms. When a number of these recordings are played simultaneously in a randomly chosen order, complete with the audio that generated them, new rhythmic and harmonic, audio visual complexities emerge, creating a constantly changing AV composition in three dimensions.

With approx 30hours of video in 100 different 20 minute clips, set to change once every six minutes, the installation will run for approx 10 hours before any one section repeats itself, albeit in a completely different order and distinct combination chosen randomly by the software.